Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

Best-in-Class Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Services in Sacramento, CA

You may never anticipate water damage, but that doesn’t guarantee it won’t occur. Depending on the leak’s location and severity, water damage could be silently occurring in the background, causing hidden harm for months before becoming visible.

It’s essential to contact our water damage restoration team immediately upon spotting water, signs of water damage, or even minor leaks. Prompt action is vital for ensuring the health and safety of your family and preventing further harm to your property.
How does water damage happen? Here are some common causes…

Pipes bursting or leaking in your walls or beneath your sinks

Appliances failing – whether it’s a dishwasher, toilet, or washing machine

Firefighting efforts that leave water behind

Water that enters your home or business from the outside – for example, water coming into a basement via a ground-level window

And many more!

At Blue Rescue, we have a proven procedure that we follow when tackling water damage. Learn more about the steps we take to revitalize your home below!

Blue Rescue’s Proven Process

Determine the Source of the Water

Before taking any other action, it’s vital to halt the water at its origin. For instance, when addressing plumbing leaks, it may be necessary to turn off the water supply and inspect the pipes near the leak. Identifying the source is essential to determine if we are dealing with hazardous water, such as sewage backflow or floodwater. When dealing with these contaminated sources, we will employ specialized equipment and additional remediation procedures to ensure the safety of your home once more.

Remove Standing Water

We will utilize our top-of-the-line equipment, including pumps, industrial dehumidifiers, and air movers, to eliminate every trace of water. Swiftly removing excess water is crucial in order to prevent additional damage, such as rust, wood decay, and the growth of mold and mildew.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

Whether the harm to your home or business is minor or substantial, we will assess the situation and collaborate with you to offer a customized solution that suits your requirements and budget. In more extensive projects, we may not only replace and repair faulty pipes, water heaters, and the like, but also address flooring, drywall, and wood by cleaning or replacing them. Our commitment is always to perform a thorough job to guarantee that no residual water remains to create problems in the future.

Dispose of and Replace Materials and Items

The final phase of our process may occasionally entail some demolition work, which includes the removal and responsible disposal of damaged drywall, flooring, subflooring, or cabinetry. Subsequently, we will replace these damaged components with new materials to restore the aesthetic of your home or business. Whether the task involves minor repairs or addresses significant structural issues, we are equipped to handle all your rebuilding needs.

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