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The Blue Rescue Difference

Disaster never waits for a convenient time to strike – but it doesn’t matter when it happens; we’re here ready to help. We’re the trusted partner you’ve been looking for to help restore your life to normal. Our team at Blue Rescue will respond to your needs immediately, ensuring a prompt timeline to evaluate, assess, and repair the damage your home or business has faced. While other companies might shy away from especially demanding, challenging, or messy jobs, we’re not afraid to take on even your toughest home repair needs. There’s no job too big or too small for our team of skilled professionals who are backed by years of industry experience and numerous satisfied customers.

Our mission is to get your normal life back on track as soon as possible. Whether that means moving back into your home or starting up your business again, we’re committed to sticking to a predictable timeline so that you always know what to expect. And we’ll ensure everything is going to plan, from start to finish. Our streamlined approach makes us stand out from the rest, from filing the initial insurance claim to wrapping up the finishing touches of your repairs. With Blue Rescue, you can count on efficiency, professionalism, and quality.

Why Choose Blue Rescue?


We bring extensive experience and a diversity of knowledge to the table, and you can trust that our reps are committed to helping you receive the coverage and support that you deserve.


Our teams are always on standby- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why? Because disaster doesn’t wait for a convenient time of the day to strike. Within just 60 minutes of receiving your call, our teams will be headed your way, ready with the equipment needed to take care of the job.


We’re dedicated to clear communication, and we put our customers first. Unlike some companies that will keep you on their waitlist for weeks, we are always upfront and honest about when we can help you. If we are backlogged for any reason, we’ll let you know so that you can find another company that might be able to help you sooner.


At Blue Rescue, we are your partner from the moment you file a claim to the day we pack up our equipment and leave your property looking brand-new again. From initial mitigation through the reconstruction process, we will be your one point of contact, eliminating the stress of needing to coordinate with multiple parties or contractors.


With over 120 years of combined experience in the field of disaster mitigation, we’re equipped to tackle even the most complex and challenging projects with state-of-the-art tools and only the latest methods. We have worked on properties ranging from single-family residences to multi-story hotels, casinos, wineries, resorts, and even 100+ unit apartment buildings. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.


Wondering why we have a large family of happy customers? It’s simple: we’ve earned their trust, time and time again. Sure, we have 5-star ratings on Google and Yelp. But more importantly, hundreds of insurance adjusters, property managers, and building owners count on us when they need help – and we are always ready to pitch in. At Blue Rescue, we’re always there when you need us.

Damage Repair & Restoration Company in San Francisco, CA

When does water damage happen? It’s often when you’re least expecting it – and depending on where the water comes from, it can go unnoticed for far too long. Addressing water damage quickly is the key to success.


Years of

It’s crucial to call in our professional water damage remediation team at Blue Rescue as soon as you notice any type of water damage. Whether you see standing water or simply a leaky pipe, it’s important to act fast. Mitigating water damage as soon as possible will help you preserve the health and safety of your loved ones and prevent any further damage.
How does water damage occur? Here are a few of the numerous causes…

Pipes bursting or leaking in your walls or beneath your sinks

Appliances failing – whether it’s a dishwasher, toilet, or washing machine

Firefighting efforts that leave water behind

Water that enters your home or business from the outside – for example, water coming into a basement via a ground-level window

When you trust Blue Rescue with your next water damage remediation project, here are some of the things we’ll do ASAP

Determine the Source of the Water

First things first: it’s crucial to make sure that the water has stopped. We’ll identify where the water is coming from so that we can ensure the damage doesn’t progress further. For example, if the source is plumbing, we will proceed by shutting off water to the property and thoroughly examining the pipes near the leak.

Determining the source of the water is an important step in this process. That’s because it will inform our technicians about how to treat the water. For instance, sewage backflow or flood water may be toxic and require specialized equipment and practices to restore your home to safety.

Remove Standing Water and Begin the Drying Process

For properties that have experienced flooding, we’ll bring in our industrial-grade equipment to eliminate standing water as quickly as possible. With large commercial pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers, we’ll work fast to ensure that there’s no water left. This is crucial because water left sitting can quickly begin to rust metal, deteriorate wood, and spark mold and mildew growth.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

In an ideal world, you would have discovered your water leak right away and called us immediately after that – but more often than not, leaks are hidden and do unseen damage for days, weeks, or even months before they’re discovered. If leaks have been wreaking havoc for an extended period of time or another major problem like flooding has occurred, the damage to your home might be extensive. Our technicians are ready to take on jobs of any size and scale, so we can also lift flooring, remove carpeting, remove appliances, and lift baseboards to thoroughly assess the damage. Taking these measures is important in ensuring that no water is left behind to continue compromising your home.

Dispose of and Replace Materials and Items

We can remove and dispose of damaged drywall, flooring, subflooring, cabinetry, and more – and then we’ll replace all of these with new materials, restoring them to their original integrity and appearance. This step may involve some demo work – but don’t worry. Our team is ready to do it all! Whether it’s painting or replacing the baseboard, carpeting, flooring, or cabinets, our Blue Rescue team has got you covered. We’re experts in damage restoration – and if there’s anything beyond repair, we’ll also work with you to rebuild and replace anything that’s necessary. From minor patches to major structural damage, we’re the ones to call.

What We Do After a Water Disaster

Emergency Call and Dispatch

Pick up your phone! It’s crucial to call us on our 24/7 emergency hotline the moment you notice a leak or another source of potential water damage. Our friendly, experienced team members will walk you through anything you can do yourself to prevent further problems. Those steps might include shutting off water mains and taking other measures to keep you and your family safe. If any electrical is exposed, our team will likely advise you to leave the premises. Within just minutes of your call, we will dispatch our skilled crews to your property with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized tools for diagnostics and drying.

Inspection and Assessment

When we arrive at your property, we will assess the scope of the damage and find out what we need to do to restore your home to its former state. We will work with you to find a comprehensive plan that works for your needs, expectations, and budget. Every client and every water damage situation is different, so we will treat every scenario with the utmost care and compassion, ensuring that you are happy with the results.

Extraction and Removal

Once we have come up with an action plan, the real work can begin. We’ll start by extracting any standing water on your property. Standing water can occur for many reasons, including burst pipes, faulty appliances, flooding, or firefighting efforts. We will use our industrial-grade tools and equipment to rid your home or business of standing water quickly and efficiently to prevent any further damage. With high-powered pumps and extraction methods, your home will be ready for the next step in no time.

Drying and Dehumidification

After we have removed standing water from your home, we’re ready to begin the drying and dehumidification process. Moisture can linger in even the most unsuspecting areas, so it’s important to use our professional equipment and proven methods to dry out even water that is nearly invisible. If we don’t get all of it, mold and mildew may grow in your home, so we’ll carefully monitor humidity levels along the way as we dry and dehumidify your property.


Once your property is officially water-free, we will restore and rebuild areas that suffered damage. We’ll protect and seal flooring and walls so that you won’t have to worry about more water damage in the future. We will work with you to restore your home to its pre-damage state – or even better!

We’re Proud to Be a Top-Rated Service

Reliability and Consistency

Our clients keep coming back for a reason – we’ve earned their trust. We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our 5-star ratings from Google and Yelp. But most of all, we’re proud to be the trusted partner of hundreds of property owners, insurance adjusters and building managers, and business owners. When you work with our team at Blue Rescue, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands.

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